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Among the tools you can use are the following: Hand Pruning Shears: Stems up to half inch in diameter can be pruned with hand shears. There are other reasons for homeowners to learn how to prune beech hedge. If there are many of these, choose one or two from each side of the tree, keeping it symmetrical.

Sap can be extremely dangerous for trees as it attracts bugs which bring disease and also lay their eggs around the pruning wounds. To make sure you recognize if yours is one of the two types of birches that we will talk about in this post, we will see the general characteristics of each one. Birch trees need to have a single central trunk, so prune any stems and branches that may grow into a split trunk later. Silver birch trees are best trimmed around autumn time when they are not actively growing. There are several tools available for pruning a birch tree, you will have to choose between one or the other depending on several factors, the most important is the age (height) of the birch. Oh, and one more big reason that winter is better for pruning trees: You save more money! Left untrimmed, beech hedge plants would return to their natural state as scraggly bushes or trees. River birch trees are prone to aphid infestation in the early spring, so if you suspect an infestation, contact your local county extension office. Trees That Benefit From Summer Pruning. Remove several outside branches from the top of the tree as well if the tree is very tall or very full. Don't cut more than a quarter of the branches in any one pruning. Trees heal faster, meaning that by the time spring rolls around, your tree will be happy and healthy again. The silver birch is one of the most prolific bleeders of sap on waking from winter dormancy.

Don't cut more than a quarter of the branches in any one pruning. Also choose any that look half dead, very old or disproportionately thick or thin. Prune A River Birch Tree The river birch tree is known for its beautiful peeling bark that is generally cinnamon in color. A professional tree company like T.H. When to prune a silver birch tree. There are the few species that should be pruned in the mid-summer months such as Maple, Birch, and Walnut trees. When you prune limbs on these trees they will typically ooze sap, so you want to do your pruning during the season when they have less sap flowing. Tree Services will know exactly how and when to prune a silver birch tree, so don’t hesitate to take the necessary professional advice. It is a simple fact that when you book your tree pruning and removal early (like today) you’ll save more money. You may have a birch tree at home and you are not sure if this is a River Birch, a Silver Birch or some other type of birch. Having a tidy property is one reason for trimming beech hedgerows. Regularly pruning and trimming beech hedges encourages more branches and leaves to grow.

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