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";s:4:"text";s:3121:"Here, the sample is … Water content tests for petroleum and biofuel products: Water content by distillation Water and sediment Water vapor content Trace water content analysis Additional water content and moisture testing Test of water content in Transformer Oil: Karl Fisher Titration is the method to measure the water content in transformer oil. Water content testing for crude oil, petroleum, fuels, chemicals, and other refined petroleum products. Free water is when the water content in oil visibly separates. For the extracting medium, we use solvent CM. The simplest way to determine the presence of water in oil is to use the Visual Crackle test. Quantifying the Amount of Water: Karl Fischer Water Test If a crackle test is positive, further testing is needed in the form of the Karl Fischer Water Test.

Water contamination causes multiple problems in lubricating oils, although corrosion is always directly associated with water ingress.Whatever the equipment, water can displace the oil at contacting surfaces, thinning the lubrication film and activating surfaces which may themselves act as catalysts for degradation of the oil. Water can exist in three states: dissolved, emulsified and free. The measure water content in an insulating oil we use Karl Fisher Titration as basic technique. It's used in the circustances of explosion-proof,such as sites concerning petrochemical waste water continually,build up alarm reporting for over-limitation and control the volume of discharge waste water.

The calcium hydride is usually kept separate from the oil and diluent until the vessel is sealed so that all the hydrogen gas produced as a result of the chemical reaction is contained in the sample cylinder. How to Measure Water In Oil Visual Crackle Test. The test conducted this time is an example of volumetric moisture titration for measurement of water content in petroleum products. In Karl Fisher Titration, water (H 2 O) chemically reacts with iodine (I 2), sulfur dioxide (SO 2), an organic base (C 5 H 5 C) and alcohol (CH 3 OH) in an organic solvent. Off-shore oil platforms have tsted FOG for many years with portable analysers – these help to ensure the water they discharge does not contain high levels of oils, in a rapid on-site test. This method analyzes water in the microgram or partper-million range. Emulsified water is when the amount of dissolved water is greater than the saturation point. Recycle or purify the oil at a correct time. For industrial pretreatment of wastewater, public water treatment plants, and most other non-petroleum industries discharging produced water, it is most important to test for … The petroleum industry is most concerned with measuring Total Oils and Grease (TOG) in both their upstream and downstream wastewater. The Karl Fischer coulometric moisture test is a series of chemical reactions discovered in 1935 by the German chemist Karl Fischer. Detecting Water ingress quickly and reliable. Moisture titration by this way can measure the following petroleum products: Crude oil, Heavy oil, Lubricant and Mineral oil…
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