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GullUrban Dictionary. A person who never pays for food but is constantly eating others food and/or raiding the refrigerator.

let (gŭl′ĭt) n. 1. Urban Dictionary: gullet Mouth, throat, and stomache area, especially when you are furiously shoving food down it. Share it.

A gull troll swoops down, shits all-over every little thing, then flies away again. gull: Urban Dictionary [home, info] Tech (1 matching dictionary) GULL: Space and Electronic Warfare Lexicon [home, info] (Note: See gulls for more definitions.) Example: a slang name for a girl. lies v.tr. 28 votes. v.intr. Instead of being pronounced like "aisle" it was pronounced Gull "E". To form a deep ditch or channel. by Quinn Report definition. In the UK, the species, when taken as a whole, is declining significantly across the country, despite an increase in urban areas. The throat.

Something from the streets, gutter, and/or gangsta Same as sayin 'Hood'("I'm so hood") or "Street" ("I'm so street") 2. They swoop in, make a lot of noise, shit on everything, then fly away. Verb meaning a person that is hard, tough and not to be triffled with.

a slang name for a girl.

[Middle English golet, from Old French goulet, from goule, throat, from Latin gula.] The esophagus. seagull: A man With no job lurking taking any scraps being thrown at them Mouth, throat, and stomache area, especially when you are furiously shoving food down it.

To wear a deep ditch or channel in. Will occasionally take a liking to your likings and ruin them for you. Gull Troll in Community Dictionary somebody on the net whom swoops into a conversation that's going really without any arguing, makes a large time questionable statement, or insults somebody else, after that disappears for aftermath. She came in and did her seagull thing yesterday. Zoology An invagination into the cytoplasm of certain ciliates, used for food intake. a gul is a totally brilliant person the "gul pyramid" consists of the following in order or superiority: Queen Gul, guls, gulettes, gubs, gubettes, lugs and lugettes (the lowest of the low) a gul is also someone or something that is very cool Example: A person who never pays for food but is constantly eating others food and/or raiding the refrigerator. (Anatomy) a less formal name for the oesophagus 2. First came into Urban language when the Street Fighter arcade game gained fame (1991). A critical manager or supervisor who makes brief appearances to put on a meaningless but unpleasant display for employees to try to show they're doing their job. (Anatomy) the throat or pharynx 3. Link to this page. The Character GUILE one of the toughtest fighters in the game's name, was commonly mispronounced.

The great black-backed gull (Larus marinus), mistakenly called greater black-backed gull by some, is the largest member of the gull family. Gull unknown N: Derivative of Seagull, a Gull is the female version of a Guido. gullet (ˈɡʌlɪt) n 1. The European herring gull (Larus argentatus) is a large gull, up to 66 cm (26 in) long. It breeds on the European and North American coasts and islands of the North Atlantic and is fairly sedentary, though some move farther south or inland to large lakes or reservoirs.

Friend 1: "Any open ear or someone willing to listen can fall prey to a Gull." 3. Her appearance is strangely overtanned, trashy, and she is attracted to gel haired, tanning booth using, muscle car loving young men who are throwing up thug life signs while grabbing their Gull's … Quick definitions from Macmillan ) Provided by . A place where snobby rich folk live and everybody gets hammered at the sandbar A gull is often a monotone voiced individual with annoying pitch or sometimes sounding like Eeyore, and tons of useless information to talk your ear off with. Gulls: Urban Dictionary [home, info] (Note: See gulling for more definitions.)

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