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Fagott und Oboe funktionieren im Prinzip gleich.

"Clarinet vs Oboe." ;-) — 64. . To play? Oboe was easier to learn (harder to play), and clarinet is easier to play (but kind of hard to learn). Fun fact: If you have ever been to watch an orchestra and you hear everyone tuning to the first oboe, this is because the oboe is in the key of C (concert pitch) and is easily heard over all the other instruments due to its unique tone. yea oboe!!!! Diffen LLC, n.d. Die Klarinette ist ein Holzblasinstrument mit teils zylindrischer und teils konischer Bohrung. Clarinet is slightly longer than the oboe. Oboe is a non-transposing instrument with double reeds and a conical bore. (oboe) Posted by Archived posts. Although they may look similar, clarinet and oboe are very different instruments. Clarinet is a single reed instrument and oboe has a double reed.

09:01 on Friday, October 15, 2004 (bclarsax) Posted by Archived posts. For gigs and stuff, people rarely ask me to play on oboe, mostly clarinet. Difficult in what sense? I also enjoy playing oboe more, but it just requires so much reed maintenance and its extremely difficult to play. While both are used in orchestras, oboes are rarely used in marching bands or jazz bands, unlike clarinets. 2 Jun 2020.

I PLAY BOTH CLARINET … I’m going to assume you mean to ask which is the most difficult to learn, but if it is anything feel free to comment and I will try to elaborate. Clarinet is a transposing instrument with a single reed and a cylindrical bore. But of course, its your call. A clarinet can definitely play lower than an oboe, and the comfortable range of the oboe reaches a few notes higher than that of the clarinet. :-) However, two reeds are better than one. clarinets are too squeaky — 98. . Sax or Clarinet? I PLAY THE ALTO TENOR BARI AND SOPRANO SAX BUT I ALSO PLAY THE BASS CLARINET, BUT I LIKE THE BASS CLARINET BETTER BECAUSE YOU CAN GO REALLY HI BUT ALSO REALLY LOW THATS THE GOOD THING ABOUT CLARINETS. To have a career playing it? Some fingerings are similar (ie. .124 1 January 12, 2013, 7:28pm. It would be more comparable to a bass clarinet in that way, although it can reach surprisingly high notes.

< > Comments: Clarinet vs Oboe. Re: Which is Better? In more of an ensemble environment though, you would receive more clarinet solos than saxophone, in my experience. Der Name des Instruments (von italienisch clarinetto: „kleines Clarino“) wird darauf zurückgeführt, dass sie im hohen Register ähnlich klingt wie die hohe Clarin-Trompete, deren Funktion sie im 18. The difference between oboe and clarinet can be observed in their structure, sound produced, and usage. Das Fagott ist eine Duodezime tiefer als die Oboe, hat aber insgesamt den größeren Tonumfang, da es deutlich in die Tiefe ausgebaut ist bis Kontra B, also zwei volle Oktaven unter dem tiefsten Oboenton, andererseits ist es auch auf dem Fagott üblich ziemlich hoch zu spielen, bis etwa c'' oder auch f''. To learn the repertoire? Both are gorgeous instruments. Anonymous comments (5) May 21, 2013, 11:28pm. To learn? The clarinet and oboe are both woodwind instruments which means they both require similar embouchure’s and similar breathing techniques. Web. .8 1 June 27, 2012, 12:08pm. Ihr Mundstück ist wie beim Saxophon mit einem einfachen Rohrblatt ausgestattet. … The bassoon is also capable of playing notes in a lower octave than a B-flat clarinet. Oboe and saxophone follows the general fingerings for instruments, when clarinet has a different fingering setup than many other instruments.

I would suggest clarinet. Diffen.com. the forked Bb fingering with the register key is similar to the C fingering on the oboe) and the usage of the register key on the clarinet and the octave key on the oboe. If you want to play jazz though, saxophone is generally more present than clarinet, except for pieces such as "One for the Clarinets". It would be more comparable to a bass clarinet in that way, although it can reach surprisingly high notes.

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