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It is a third-person single-player video game.As with previous installments, the player controls the character Kratos from a fixed-camera perspective in combo-based combat, platforming, and puzzle games. In God of War 2 he poured that power into the Blade of Olympus and later on he tells Atlas that he's going to use that to defeat Zeus because with it because it holds his God powers. Kratos(God of War 2018) attacking with the Leviathan Axe. God of War III is an action-adventure game with hack and slash elements. According to the wooden panels throughout the game, the future events are shown to the gamers. Kratos seemingly kills Zeus, who goes all ghosty on Kratos snapping his neck, then Kratos goes on his inner mind journey to discover hope and then had a bloody beat down Zeus. Leviathan: One of the most iconic weapons in the entire GOW series is the Leviathan, the newest supernatural weapon. The Leviathan is a two-handed axe forged by the Huldra Brothers, Sindri & Brok, for Kratos' late wife Faye aka. Here’s every notable Olympian he has been able to cross off his list so far, in chronological order. There’s hades where the heroic, neutral, and evil humans all end up, in their own various sections, and the Palace of the lord Hades is also on that level.

He has also appeared in an episode of DBX where he has fought against Dante from Devil May Cry. Kratos is the main protagonist of the video game series, God of War. Non-gods and nobodies that Kratos has killed is currently a 15 digit number. He previously fought Spawn in the 10th episode of Death Battle, Kratos VS Spawn. We'll update this list in the future as Kratos kills more of Greek mythology's most important gods and people, which at current count is 23. Laufey before it later passed to Kratos by Faye herself. In the original game it was established that Ares was so powerful that Kratos had to seek out and open Pandora's Box in order to gain the Godly power to beat him. There are many levels of the afterlife in Greek/Roman mythology. It seems Kratos will be sent to the past, become Tyr, do the many feats described in the panels, loose an arm and die. Kratos, a simple demi-god couldn't have his soul ripped out by Hades, so i'm not putting to much into that & the turn to stone was shaken off by mortal men in the game as well in God Of War II.

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