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You can make this full-size replica out of butcher paper and tagboard or sentence strip.

Make a Three-Cornered Hat Use this pattern to make three-cornered hats. A pirate or Colonial costume is made complete with a tri-corner hat out of paper. Hatmaking was an important job in colonial days. Tri-corner hats were a popular style in Colonial times (1607 to 1783). Cut it out. Hatmakers used felt and leather to make the 3 parts of three-cornered hat (Top, Band, and Brim). Hatmakers used felt and leather to make the 3 parts of three-cornered hat (Top, Band, and Brim). October 2011. How to Make a Tricorn Hat Out of Felt | eHow.com. Today, a tri-corner hat is associated more with old-time pirates. There are two basic models for paper three-cornered hats: headband-style, which is simple to make but only approximates the shape of a real colonial hat, and full hat-style, which is more complicated but still doable for older children. Stand the pieces and form a triangle with them. My day was just too full and I really wanted to have something done on the hat to show you.

If you are adventurous, you can make your own pattern, but pre-made pat- terns are included on the next pages. If you are adventurous, you can make your own pattern, but pre-made pat-terns are included on the next pages. Such a hat can be made fairly easily and inexpensively, if not free, for costume wear. Staple the corners together. Dismiss Visit.. Young women in the colonial era often donned mob caps, which were bonnets that tastefully covered their hair. Historically, these hats were made out of felt and leather, but you can make an easy replica using construction paper or butcher paper. When the top of the hat measures 6 inches by 8 inches, the brim should measure about 10 to 11 inches wide by 12 to 13 inches long. Some early American presidents wore tri-cornered hats. It took much longer than I though it would… I guess you could say Tuesdays post was Part 1 of making this hat and today will be Part 2. These items make the tricorne colonial hat that was a very popular hat for men during colonial times. Cut out a small oval on the inside and cut tabs. October 25, 2017 By Jeanne W. I’m so sorry I didn’t get your comments answered yesterday. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. This arts & crafts project is fun to use when studying Colonial Times, Pilgrims, and American History. Women and men wore this famous hat through the centuries, and you can easily spot them in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Patriot.Since many came to the like of Captain Jack Sparrow, these tricorn hats are a favorite accessory for pirate costumes during Halloween.

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