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Enzymes speed up chemical reactions that take place in cells. Enzymes remove the reactants out of dilute solution as hold them closer.

C) It becomes the product. A) The enzyme and the substrate form a temporary complex. 1. enzyme provides the substrate with an active site that is very specific and only fits a particular substrate (like and key) 2. once the enzyme and substrate attach the chemical reaction will take place 3. enzyme then releases the product(s) 4. the enzyme is unaffected

True or False: When a chemical reaction in a living cell occurs in the presence of an enzyme, the concentration of the enzyme remains the same before and after the reaction.

During an enzymatic reaction, what happens to the enzyme? When an enzyme looses its shape, and the enzyme can no longer work.

What is one of the most important factors in determining whether a chemical reaction will occur? D) It becomes the substrate. Exposure of water charged group on the substrate for interaction with the enzyme.

B) It is used up. The activation energy affects their function. This can happen such as by raising or lowering the pH or temperature This makes the reaction by destabilising the charge on the substrate. When a substrate is bound, it ejects the surrounding water. It Also lowers the entropy of the substrate.

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