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If you refer to something as a grey area, you mean that it is unclear, for example because nobody is sure how to deal with it or who is responsible for it, or it falls between two separate categories of things. Our society has normalized problematic drinking, so you first have to recognize that just because everybody is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to. an area of a subject or situation that is not clear or does not fit into a particular group and is therefore difficult to define or deal with Exactly what can be called an offensive weapon is still a grey area. Definition of grey area in the Definitions.net dictionary. What is known is that the term 'gray,' describing the color gray, originates from the Old English 'græg' and was first used sometime around the 12th century. Kayani admitted that the military only sees white and black, and there are no grey areas for it, whereas in politics it is the grey area that really matters and gives politicians a lot of room to effectively deal with issues, the paper said, attributing to a source who attended the APC. Indeterminate territory, undefined position, neither here nor there. If there's no grey area , black and white will always remain divided, white people will keep giving people the blues , black people will keep …
We will need to consult our lawyers about it. Gray area drinking is extremely common, and that’s precisely what makes it so hard to identify. Meaning of grey area. Grey area unknown The area between black and white isn't blue, its grey. Look it up now! It exists in a grey area between legal and illegal. grey area (plural grey areas) ( idiomatic ) An area intermediate between two mutually exclusive states or categories , where the border between the two is fuzzy . gray area definition: 1. grey area definition: 1. a situation that is not clear or where the rules are not known: 2. mainly UK spelling of gray…. This term, which uses gray in the sense of “neither black nor white” (or halfway between the two), dates only from the mid-1900s. Gray area definition is - an area or situation in which it is difficult to judge what is right and what is wrong. ... Scholars are uncertain of the exact origin of the idiom 'gray area.' an area of a subject or situation that is not clear or does not fit into a particular group and is therefore difficult to define or deal with: The question of police evidence in cases like this is a grey area.

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