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World Heroes Perfect is a 1995 fighting arcade game developed and published by ADK with the assistance of SNK. World Heroes has Hanzo and Fuuma. Emits sub-explosions that act as normal projectiles. Did I mention that Brocken looks like M. Bison? Spark Thunder. Boom! Neo Geo Kult - Guide World Heroes Dernières MAJ Shock Trooper vs Mercs AOF vs MK Bubble Bobble Fatal Fury Real Bout. POP CULTURE FIGURE : Brocken Jr. (manga) PROFESSION : Military Officer COUNTRY : Germany ROCKET PUNCH GERMAN MISSILE HURRICANE ARM + A + B + A. World Heroes: World Heroes 2: World Heroes 2 Jet : World Heroes Perfect: Signature Moves Arm Punch Slide forward with short, rapid shell-expending jabs from one arm. Spark Thunder. Throws Suplex + or / High Drop Suplex + or : … German Explosion Brocken triggers a switch in his chest and explodes, then reforms. World Heroes Perfect is a fighting game originally made by ADK in 1995. Neo Geo Kult - Guide World Heroes 2 Dernières MAJ Shock Trooper vs Mercs AOF vs MK Bubble Bobble Fatal Fury Real Bout. View. Since he is billed as coming from Germany, it's possible his gimmick is that of (watered-down) Nazism, but a cyborg in Nazi Germany is clearly an anachronism. Update #2: I added Janne's third alternate outfit and Ryoko as playable character. 1 Introduction; 2 Moves List. Press A repeatedly. It was originally released for the Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet on May 25, 1995. Comment by dami3n To confirm the above message yes its a world drop.
I made this concept for my new friends: , , and . Edit. Had it drop in sm armory inside a chest today. He first appeared in World Heroes (the first installment) and has appeared in every game in the series since. Throws Suplex + or / High Drop Suplex + or : …

Brocken Animations Return to FightersGeneration.com: Return to Brocken Profile FOLLOW FIGHTERSGEN ON:. Name Input Spark Thunder Rocket Punch + Hurricane Arm + World Heroes 2.

SPARK THUNDER FLYING TORPEDO A repeatedly Jump, AB at the same time Military Base in Germany Needle Wall Deathmatch. Important Security Information. Brocken (World Heroes) BIO: Brocken is part robot, and fights using his mechanically-extended limbs and missle 'fists'. Contents[show] Gameplay This version is meant to be an adaptation of Brocken's appearance in World Heroes Perfect.
This version uses six buttons, sprites and gameplay from World Heroes Perfect, and is accurate except for the Hyper Move. Brocken is a German robot built by Dr Brown, the same person who collected several figures from history and put them in the tournament the game is based around. It's "World Heroes: Beauty of Annihilation".

2.1 Normal Moves; 2.2 Command Normals; 2.3 Normal Throws; 2.4 Special Moves; 2.5 Super Moves; 3 Combos; 4 Frame Data; 5 Strategies; 6 Match-ups; Introduction. Name Input Spark Thunder Rocket Punch + Hurricane Arm + World Heroes 2. Brocken is a character from the World Heroes series. From Shoryuken Wiki! edit.

The … BROCKEN "Invincible am I who threw my life away to become a cyborg gladiator! Jump to: navigation, search. It is the fourth and final title of the World Heroes series. Contents[show] Gameplay This version is meant to be an adaptation of Brocken's appearance in World Heroes Perfect. I just figured out this is a reference to Heroes! First time i have ever seen it to be honest.

Finishing Move: World Heroes Jet has a literal variation—at the end of each of the first four rounds, the deciding move of each individual fight is noted, like after a Japanese wrestling match. Brocken (World Heroes series) Image scanned from my World Heroes 2 Jet guide (Animated gif taken from Emu Gif Animation) Brocken Jr. from Kinnikuman (the son of Brockenman from Kinnikuman) Stroheim from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stroheim from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Brocken from World Heroes is also a cyborg that conceals many weapons in his body) Brocken from World Heroes … This item has the chance to drop off any mobs in the world also come up in any chest or locked box.
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