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The ICUN classifies them as 'least concern,' although their numbers are known to be decreasing. It not viewed as endangered species because of the vast population of their habitat as well as have listed in the Least Concern animals category.

Map Credit: Oona Räisänen & … Arboreal (tree-living) pygmy marmosets feed primarily on tree sap or “gum,” which they procure by gouging holes in... Life Cycle. Pygmy marmosets spend their time in the trees, and are most active during the day. Pygmy marmoset's geographic range in South America. Pygmy marmosets are endangered because of human encroachment. These predators include tree-dwelling snakes, wild cats, as well as birds of prey like owls and raptors. In the wild the Buffy headed marmoset (Callithrix flaviceps) and the Buffy tufted-ear marmoset (Callithrix aurita) both face high levels of habitat fragmentation, population isolation and an increasingly acute threat from invasive marmoset species causing hybridization.

Baby marmosets, being so small, have been mis-sold as a pygmy marmoset or finger monkeys. Are Marmoset Monkeys Endangered? This is mainly common marmosets, but we also see Geoffroy's marmosets and sometimes hybrids of the two. Due to human overpopulation, the marmosets' habitat is being destroyed. Pygmy marmosets are not endangered. They are pets which can get any disease which can also catch humans. Marmosets are the smallest monkeys in the world. They live in groups of two... Food.

However, due to their small size, pygmy marmosets can be easy prey for eagles, hawks, wild cats, and snakes, so they prefer to stay in the understory of evergreen forests and avoid the top of the canopy and forest floor. Save the endangered Pygmy Marmoset Lifestyle. Marmoset monkeys are the most commonly kept and traded species of primate as pets. Do Finger Monkeys Carry Diseases? .
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