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While inert and all those features that make it a perfect electrode, it is way too expensive to use platinum as an electrode for commercial purposes.
As we have covered, electrolysis is the passage of a direct electric current through an ionic substance that is either molten or dissolved in a suitable solvent. For this reason, sodium cations are reduced in the cathode instead of hydronium ions. An idealized cell for the electrolysis of sodium chloride is shown in the figure below. In a class of electrolysis, my instructor told me that Hg forms Na-Hg in the electrolysis of dilute NaCl aqueous solution.

The Electrolysis of Molten Sodium Chloride. 1 Approved Answer .

Two commonly used methods of electrolysis involve molten sodium chloride and aqueous sodium chloride. The Electrolysis of Molten NaCl . To illustrate the essential concepts of electrolysis, a few specific processes will be considered. Only the copper ion is discharged, being reduced to copper metal. It uses electrolyte of NaCl solution graphite anode and mercury cathode. However, he did not give me any reason for this whatsoever . The cathode is the electrode at which reduction occurs. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "For the electrolysis of aqueous KCl solution using inert electrodes, chlorine gas is evolved at one electrode and hydrogen gas is evolved at the other electrode.
It is also called water splitting. One of the copper probes nothing happens to as far as I can see (can’t remember which one it is) but the other starts to wear away and turn the water blue/green. The two parallel planes 7-0 x 7-1 mm form the geometrical surface area of 1 -00 cm2.

The anode is the electrode at which oxidation occurs. Hg is allowed to flow beneath. la); B, an electrode consisting of a graphite block 7-0 x 7-1 x d mm, d being 1-5, 2-0, 3-0 or 7-2 mm. My questions is: I have salty water which I perform electrolysis on using copper probes (cathode and anode). Electrolysis of NaCl.

The Castner Kellner process is a method of electrolysis of sodium chloride solution to produce alkali hydroxide. Sodium ion receives an electron from the cathode and becomes sodium metal which amalgamates with the mercury. This is called the 60-mm thick electrode (Fig. Mercury was used as the cathode in the electrolysis of saturated sodium chloride solution. HI, I'm new around. The solution around the electrode at which hydrogen gas is evolved becomes basic as the" is …

Jun 15 2015 02:27 AM. Platinum is not used for electrolysis of both molten and aqueous sodium chloride. For this reason, sodium cations are reduced in the cathode instead of ... metal electrolysis metallurgy
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