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Images of his wife, children, and grandchildren battered his mind. 1920x1920px 2.12 MB. Image size . Some Moffs like Grand Moff Willuff Tarkin hold authority over mutiple Oversectors. You Might Like . Whilst Grand Moff Randd hid in a nebula, the Empire in name followed the treaty, and a new order grew in the shadows of the Unknown Regions, there was a much more vocal Imperial remnant formed by political hardliners and parts of the Imperial Navy that refused to adhere to the concordance. These inculde the Death Star and Earth, the Imperial capital. Grand Moff was a political title in the hierarchy of the Galactic Empire. See More by MaximusSupremo. Lost Stars covers a specific part of it, and Aftermath covers lots of it. I wonder if the VG was implying the "battle" to be the ongoing war between the NR & Empire, as that would make way more sense.

Join the … . He was pointing out battle plans to a few other officers, the images displayed on a two-dimensional screen that covered one of the shorter walls. He was pointing out battle plans to a few other officers, the images displayed on a two-dimensional screen that covered one of the shorter walls. Canon Casting – the Aftermath Series.

Hirono Tavira was a human female who served as Governor of the Samix sector twenty two years after the battle of Yavin. Randd relies on a number of expert tacticians to assist him, but as the battle turns against him he thinks that Grand Admiral Rae Sloane should be in command instead of him. These sectors, also called Priorty Sectors, are locations that are of special intrest to the Emperor. His heart thumped, beating irregularly, while a fireball erupted from the thermal exhaust port on the space station's axis. Prior to her rise to governorship, she was the manager of Tavira Mining, aide to Samix Senator Dudley. This seems to contradict other sources, as it was the loss at Jakku that forced the Empire to the peace table to surrender. Grand Moff Randd stood at the far end of the bridge, his rank obvious from his rigid, imposing posture alone. Last week’s “Force Friday”* wasn’t just about the release of new Star Wars toys. IMAGE DETAILS. Properly Paranoid : He keeps many of his thoughts to himself and carefully guards his expression around Rax and the rest of the Shadow Council, clearly having reservations about Rax's honesty and intentions for them. Posted on April 26, ... Bob Bunton as Grand Moff Randd, Margo Martindale as General Jylia Shale, ... Gerald McRaney as Grand Moff Valco Pandion Again, these are side characters who don’t appear in all three books, but they were large enough plot devices that I … Tavira managed to secure the Governorship of Samix by trading information about Higher Skies' espionage activities to Grand Moff Randd. Grand Moff Randd stood at the far end of the bridge, his rank obvious from his rigid, imposing posture alone. . SW Canon vs SW Legends: Grand Moff Randd vs Grand Moff Kaine Both are Grand Moffs of the Outer Rim and have positions of power in fleets of the Imperial Remnants following the Battle of Endor. As the main antagonist of the series of books, her journey is quite remarkable, … Software. Grand Admiral Rae Sloane is a confident face in the fragile Empire as they attempt to regroup after the loss of the Emperor, Vader, the Death Star, and much of their fleet. I needed someone who oozed confidence, but also had a softer side, which although rarely demonstrated, does shine through occasionally. Almost a year to the day after the Battle of Endor, what’s left of the Imperial Navy, under the command of Grand Moff Randd, committed to an offensive over the planet of Jakku.

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