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I was wondering how much harder physics (algebra based) is compared to chemistry and biology. Physics was hard for me in understanding the real foreign concepts that I had never wrestled with before. That will give you an idea of what sort of grade you might expect. Your help is greatly appreciated. Monkeys can almost learn that. Organic was a lot of work but it was more memorization than foreign concepts. Is college physics doable without prior knowledge? The combination of lecture plus lab can be intimidating.

Organic chemistry was the hardest science class I've ever taken. Please also give me some tips on getting an A in intro to Physics. Physics and Maths Tutor - A free website that is useful for far more than just Physics and Maths, with support materials available to download for subjects from Maths all the way through Geography. Is it a lot harder or just a bit harder? However, Calculus was 'invented' by Newton to explain Physics. Physics and chemistry may overlap when the system under study involves matter composed of electrons and nuclei made of protons and neutrons.
I wonder, why is this? But technically it's hard to tell which one you will like better. Khan Academy - A free website dedicated to teaching people worldwide through intuitive videos and tests.

Also, ask … Learn a procedure and apply it. Depends what you prefer really.

If math (calculus through differential equations) is easy for you, then physical chemistry will be a piece of cake.
Hey guys, I thought Physics was the hardest A level, although apparently Chemistry is voted harder than Physics. I do both Physics and Chemistry so I wouldn't know much about it but I hear its a lot of content and definitions. What makes Chemistry harder than Physics, which includes both mathematics and Scientific concepts that are quite tricky to … I think chemistry has more memorization. Take a look at the university key if you have one, the list of past grades people have made in each professor's class. organic chemistry is much easier than physical chemistry if u understand the concepts of it with their key reactions but in physical chemistry u should be able to understand main theories which are supporting physical chemistry like bohr , planck,etc. But of course there is stuff like medical physics too! There are actually disciplines called "physical chemistry" and "chemical physics" and they are different (but not that different). Physical chemistry is more conceptually challenging but doesn't require the brute-force memorization of thousands of individual reactions like organic chemistry does. Physics is harder but the most interesting, calculus is the biases of a lot of subjects including chemistry and physics, and chemistry is fun but no where as challenging as physics. It depends on you.

Hi I would like to know whether Organic Chemistry is harder or easier than Physics? Whether or not someone is better at chemistry or physics is highly individual. If you just understand nucleophilicity, it will get you a long farther in the organic course than just understanding acid/base in gen chem. For me, organic chemistry is a bit easier than I remember general chemistry being.

I found physical chemistry to be the most enjoyable chemistry class because it had the least memorization and the most mathematics. It can be harder or it can be easier. Partly because I was lazy, partly because my professor was ridiculously hard, and partly because organic chemistry was taught differently than anything I had ever taken before. I thought organic was more difficult (I prefer working with formulas a la gen chem and physics), but it's true that organic can really be broken down into a few concepts that drive all the mechanisms. It depends on you. With physics, though, it's a gift to have that intuitive analytical ability. Partly because I was lazy, partly because my professor was ridiculously hard, and partly because organic chemistry was taught differently than anything I had ever taken before. It depends on your skills and talents. Physical Chemistry lab graded synax and grammar more rigorously than any english rhetoric class I ever took. I'm just a few weeks away from finishing my second semester of organic and it really hasn't seemed that bad.
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