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Helping amputees is good, but temple hope is so much better for longevity. I went automaton-heavy, which of course is a mistake since you want people working near shrines apparently, but even if I moved back everyone to work I don't think I could top 50%. Dissatisfaction and hope | Basics Frostpunk Guide. Getting Food in Frostpunk Food is one of the most important resources you need to manage in Frostpunk. Im at like 12 percent, but the autosave is about 6 hours before the game ends due to failing to meet the hope goal, and I need to raise my hope level to the minimum or the save is moot. Frostpunk Guide – How to Increase Hope and Decrease Discontent (Tips And Strategies) This Frostpunk Guide is for maintaining a balance between the two game defining bars of Hope … They are partially related to each other - some actions that increase hope can cause dissatisfaction to drop. I have researched all laws increasing hope, and went faith except for the last two which I dislike for roleplaying reasons (too much fanaticism).

Hope is affected by Laws, and, to a lesser degree, Buildings, particularly Faith and Order buildings. An excellent law for the ending, when everything is fine, or if you have problems with discontent / hope. Fraztov New Member. Tip 1: Manage Your Working Hours Wisely

Buildings prefer having roads connecting them together for maximum efficiency due to workers not having to walk through snow. Hope will greatly increase every weekend. " Well something you did must have crashed hope to zero at some point. So something you did afterward must have made the glass run over. Serenity, balanced map. Frostpunk is no joke! ... Their opinion about you is represented by two indicators - dissatisfaction and hope. Frostpunk Book of Laws Guide – All Laws, Boosting Hope, Decreasing Discontent, Which Laws To Enact. Joined Oct 21, 2014 Messages 1 Reaction score 0. My hope meter sits about 20%. Sadistic Choice: Should the generator reach a critical stress level, the player is given a choice to let the generator explode and end the game or sacrifice a child to fix it and suffer a massive hope decrease, potentially causing the population to mutiny against the player. “In our harsh conditions, we cannot afford to build high-quality buildings. Here's how to get it in the game.

This will help you stave off revolution for a little bit longer. The lack of hope nixed that plan badly and I had to go another direction after getting booted out 5 times, and pass three other laws to rush my temple while ignoring the amputees. Joined Jul 9, 2014 Messages 71 Reaction score …
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