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Brand. Catalog ID: HCMP15. Fire Jockey Pumps are low flow, high pressure pumps that keep the fire system pressurized during non-fire conditions. A jockey pump is a small pump connected to a fire sprinkler system in order to maintain a certain pressure in the sprinkler system, and sized to ensure that if a fire-sprinkler is activated, there will be a system pressure drop. I need to provide him some sort of solution to get this alarm device into service. View 30; View 60; View 90; Page 1 of 1. A jockey pump is a small pump connected to a fire sprinkler system to maintain pressure in the sprinkler pipes. Some pump warranties are immediately voided if the unit is disassembled. Metron 2. Pump out of alignment or shaft bent Check for overall pump concentricity, remove and straighten bent shaft, consider replacing bent shaft 5. The controller includes an electronic circuit board having a microprocessor mounted thereon, and a solid state pressure sensing device for monitoring a current level of the pressure. Ensure adequate lubrication flow per Peerless Pump recommendations 7. Hi guys, I need some input here.

Tornatech Product Manuals. ViziTouch V2 Operator Interface. Refine. Jockey pumps are small capacity pump which overrides main fire water pump (electric motor and diesel). Show More Show Less × 2 Products Found. Fortunately, Aurora Pump has established an extensive library of troubleshooting guides that help you locate the problem and find the probable cause, and offer suggestions how to fix it. GPLV2-Manual-EN. Fire Sprinkler Waterflow switch activation with jockey pump Fire Sprinkler Waterflow switch activation with jockey pump Mike Cole (Mechanical) (OP) 16 Mar 17 14:49. I have a client that has a waterflow switch at the base of the riser activating when the jockey pump runs. HCMP15. Be sure to thoroughly read the owner's manual and warranty.

This “TROUBLESHOOTING” information is intended to guide in the general determination of pump problems and their solutions. A microprocessor based jockey pump controller for controlling operation of a jockey pump used to maintain pressure within a fire pump system. By Metron . Damaged Impeller Pull pump, Inspect and replace impeller if damaged Vibration … We’ve included these resources below to help you get your Aurora fire pump functioning normally once again, and to avoid having a minor problem becoming a major headache. Fire Pump Controllers; Jockey Pump Controllers; Jockey Pump Controllers .

Featured. They are usually sized at 1% the capacity of the main Fire Pump and must be able to deliver at least the same discharge pressure as the main pump. ViziTouch V1 Operator Interface. Relevance; Catalog ID (Asc) Catalog ID (Desc) Name (Asc) Name (Desc) Featured; Date Added (Asc) Date Added (Desc) View 30. MP15 Jockey Pump Contoller. Mechanical binding 6. Packing rings adjusted too tight Loosen packing rings to release gland pressure. Each manufacturer normally provides a description of warranty conditions.

Jockey pump is set such that it starts at low pressure in header and stop at high pressure to maintain the desire pressure in the network.

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