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The apartment was so dirty that you would need a hazmat team to enter it.

How to Identify and Use Personification.

The raindrops danced along the window pane.
Opportunities for pupils to identify personification in sentences, texts and poetry. Personification Examples 1 Through 25 50 Ways to Use Personification. Personification Worksheet 2 – More practice for students to identify examples of personification and explain what human characteristic the personified object or idea receives. Examples of personification from poetry and literature - I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud, The Ancient Mariner, Snow and Snow, The Fog, The Eight-Story Kiss.

personification. hyperbole. personification.

The most common way personification is used in written work is through emotional words and body parts. As with the first worksheet, the problems increase in difficulty toward the end.

The moon turned over to face the day. Identify personification or hyperbole. See if you can identify which part of the word or phrase is the personification. The following sentences use the personification technique. Thunder grumbled and raindrops reported for duty. An explanation and definition of personification and why it is used. PLAY. 4th grade grammar Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Personification adds a much needed, in some case, profound way of describing non-living things. STUDY. Widely used in poetry, personification gives the reader a sense that nonliving objects have personality or thoughts; this makes the poem or story more interesting and … Personification is a literary device used to give human traits to animals or nonliving objects. The answers are in the section immediately following the examples.
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