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is electromagnetic (from production and decay of neutral pions ) Some processes do not lead to an observable signal (e.g.

In the electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL), 53 both the lateral and longitudinal segmentation should be around 5–10 mm [2, 3].
The latter is using lead absorbers and plastic scintillator tiles, that are read out via wavelength-shifting fibers with photomultipliers and covers the most forward part of the solid angle.

We have built an electromagnetic calorimeter of the lead scintillator sandwich type. A scintillator layer consists of 12 strips, 20 × 5 cm$^2$ and 2.5 mm thick.

In order to meet these requirements, scintillator strips with a small dimple has been proposed.

The Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) is a proposing electron-positron collider in China, which aims for generating high center-of-mass energy colliding above 250 GeV. The high-granularity electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL) is included in a calorimeter system, which is mainly responsible for the measurement of photon. At the ILC, PFA also requires the intrinsic energy resolution of the ECAL to be less than 15%/ √ 54 E. Emerg-55 ing designs for scintillator-based sampling calorimeters now have the potential to realise these 56 design criteria. 2, APRIL 2016 Longevity of the CMS ECAL and Scintillator-Based Options for Electromagnetic Calorimetry at HL-LHC

580 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE, VOL. SEC là viết tắt của Scintillator điện Calorimeter. We intend to use our results to … The dimensions of the lead plates are 20 × 60 cm$^2$ and their thickness 6 mm. In our study, we measure the light yield of a dimple scintillator sample; we then compare the measurements with light tracing simulation using GEANT4.

The mechanical stability of the module is provided by tie-rods and spacers.

Nếu bạn đang truy cập phiên bản không phải tiếng Anh của chúng tôi và muốn xem phiên bản tiếng Anh của Scintillator điện Calorimeter, vui lòng cuộn xuống dưới cùng và bạn sẽ thấy ý nghĩa của Scintillator điện Calorimeter … The situation was drastically changed when the pixelated 6 photon detector (PPD) was developed.

Each strip is read out using wavelength shifting plates at both sides. 63, NO. A scintillation counter is an instrument for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation by using the excitation effect of incident radiation on a scintillating material, and detecting the resultant light pulses.. SEC có nghĩa là gì? neutrinos)!!!!! The electromagnetic calorimeter (EMC) consists of a barrel part with two endcaps in the target spectrometer and is complemented in the forward spectrometer with a shashlik type sampling calorimeter.

1 4 Electromagnetic calorimeter with scintillator 2 4.1 Idea of technology 3 The required ECAL granularity for PFA, roughly 5×5mm2 lateral segmentation, was un- 4 til recently difficult for the scintillator technique, because a sufficiently small and sensitive 5 readout technology did not exist.

X0 π0 →γγ A calorimeter’s response to electromagnetic particles differs from it’s response to hadronic particles Average fractional energy deposition for 10 GeV protons in an Fe-LAr sampling calorimeter
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